Decorating Small Dining Room Is Easy With These Tips!

It is easy to decorate when there is plenty of space but decorating a small dining room is a challenge. The maximum use of space must be made and combined with a feeling of spaciousness. In the urban jungle the main problem is the space crunch and as such every second person faces this problem of decorating a small dining room.

Follow the tips below to decorate your dining room and see the difference:

  • For a feeling of largeness always go for muted colours – as close to white as possible. Keep to one colour. More than one colour divides and further aggravates the feeling of smallness.
  • The skirting of the floor must blend in with floor so that there is no line between the floor and the walls. At the most, a different hue in tune with the shade used in the dining room may be used for the ceiling.
  • Push the furniture as far as possible towards the walls. The furniture should preferably be reasonably low so as not to block the vision and yet be comfortable. Avoid ornate back and arm rests.
  • The curtains too should be of soft shades. Avoid checks that halve and cut. Long stripes will add length to the room.
  • To add splashes from the rainbow choose colourful cushions like turquoise, red, green, golden yellow etc. Avoid designs.
  • Do not clutter up the walls with pictures but keep one central point aside for a couple of photographs.
  • The sideboards should preferably be fixed to the walls and not be free-standing. Sound too has an effect and adds space. Hang an air chime near the window. The breezy tinkle will give the feeling of sitting in an airy meadow.
  • In Asia, till recently people sat on floor-mats and ate. These mats in the Asian dining rooms were either woven out of reeds or cloth. There were also flat wooden chowkis in these beautiful dining rooms to sit on. With no furniture around it seems to the ideal set up for decorating a small dining room.
  • In many Asian countries light dining room furniture made out of cane or bamboo is used. The top of the table is often covered with glass. This transparency adds to the feeling of spaciousness. If the chairs are convenient tools without backs then these light models can be pushed underneath the table when not in use. It can be used for decorating a contemporary dining room too.
  • In a French dining room you will find the Calais dining room collection which has the stamp of the French country and these period pieces have been handed down through generations. The scalloped apron skirting the table and carved legs look great but may not be very suitable for a decorating a small dining room.

Whatever may be the size of your dining room, big or small, it isn’t at all difficult to decorate a small dining room if you follow the tips given above.