How is Art Changing the Way People Decorate their Homes?

Art is often generalized as grand masterpieces produced by famous painters, found only in museums and select galleries, along with a hefty price tag. In today’s world, this assumption is quickly changing, along with the way in which people are decorating their homes using art. Art encompasses not only paintings but photography, pottery, sculptures and blown-glass – just to name a few. While oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings are popular in many households, other forms of art are used to decorate rooms and are often decorated around, thus becoming the feature of the room and setting the mood for the area.

Select pieces of art can become a feature of the room. A large, bright canvas in a room of mainly neutral tones is a great example of making art the feature of the room. Letting the rest of the room be neutral tones allows the picture to be the first thing people see when walking into the room, achieving the “wow factor”. Many other forms of art can be used as a feature, depending on the style of the house and the design wanted, and to set a mood for the room.

For example, a black and white photography piece of a city may be hung in a living or sitting room. The photograph is a subdued and laidback piece which shows the landscape of the city. The effect of the picture gives the room a calm mood, the style of the room then reflects the influence of the image. On the other hand, a room could be decorated in a way which impacts it with much more vibrancy. A bright painting or drawing could liven up the area and bring about a sense of warmth and vitality, as opposed to the black and white photograph.

At the same time, art is used as a form of communication to convey messages and emotions. Artists channel their passions and feelings into their artwork, creating a piece which holds many sentiments. Placing these pieces of artwork around the house creates an interesting environment and can also give a room meaning. Whilst decorating a house many choose to put items that hold their views and opinions, for example, someone with a religious nature may put sculptures or paintings of a sacred theme around their home. A political person could place specially designed posters or photographs that support their political and social views.

Culture and style are other great ways art impacts the design of houses. Houses with a certain culture, era or theme have more opportunities to be creative in the way the house is decorated. For a house with an Oriental theme ceramics, such as vases and plates, enhance the culture of the room and give it authenticity. Creating a space of a certain era can be tricky as all art must be genuine, realistic and match that period of time. Because all artwork has to be authentic to the time period, mistakes are often made as some art pieces are similar to those from different eras. Although, you certainly won’t be seeing a traditional painting of Queen Victoria in a 1960’s pop-art style home.